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A fashion photography as a collective copyright work?

It is the case in France.

The appeal court of Paris has confirmed the decision that a fashion photography created in collaboration with others than the photographer, who was shooting the photograph as a work for hire, must be seen as a collective copyright work.

This opens yet another door to a myriad of possibilities for copyright work to expand and include sectors, which do not usually get any access to copyright in today’s copyright world. The contributors to the photographs such as stylists, make-up artists, story-board artists and more, may consider their options as to which claims could be of use and contractually of interest to them.

In a world where collaborations are the norm rather than exception, the photographer still carries an important role as creator of the angle, the choice of lense and more to the photography.  This, however, is also most often the very last decisions in a long line of already carefully decided and created imagery and content from the above mentioned groups of contributors.

As a push towards more focus on collective works, be it printed or online, this decision is  a step towards acceptance and inclusion of more groups as collective creators in the copyright work.

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