International Copyright Content Explained

Purpose of International Copyright.

International Copyright is an attempt at creating a space and place for those, who have interests in copyright from all sorts. It is aimed at gathering information from a worldwide content related audience, who seek to align and find ways of getting especially digital copyright to make sense, pay out, be respected and understood internationally.

What International Copyright really is.

As a concept, International Copyright is a fictional phenomenon, because all states have their own traditions and copyright law. This is problematic to tackle by users, creators and producers of copyright material.

Aim is to improve knowledge and understanding in a shared community.

The International Copyright is set up to improve understanding of how copyright works internationally. It aims to shed light on copyright law in individual states, for those copyright issues, which members/users would like to share and/or get feedback on.

Brief history of International Copyright.

Today, conventions is behind the term international copyright. Originally created on the assumption that by supporting copyright, all nations will reap the benefits from the results. The nations will also get new inventions, philosophy and other output, which will drive new business and prosperity.

Digital Copyright is NOT a worldwide right.

What most creators and private users do not take on board is the fact that digital business is based in a geographical location, which is often a different state to where they themselves are. This has legal implications for all. Often with different legislation and different rules, it can be close to impossible to block or track content. This can result in frustration, losing track of what is created by rights holders, and seeing copyright work used and abused by others.

Two major focal points.

International Copyright has a double purpose; to inform those with any vested interest in copyright on how things work, and to discuss potential solutions to the future of digital copyright.

How to join in.

You can become a member of International Copyright by adding yourself and your contact details. You can submit input, articles and other material, to which you have the copyright, or which stems from Creative Commons Licenses. Send contact details to and within a week you will become a member.


Importantly, International Copyright is not able to provide legal advice or take responsibility for any claims or revelations made by its members on its blog. All blogs will be mediated weekly by the administration, and any content, which is abusive, foul, or exceeds the limitations of Danish Law, will be deleted.


Any member will get a first warning after content removal from the blog, and if creating offensive or abusive content on the blog again, will be excluded and denied membership. Any member can be excluded from the International Copyright by administration, see rules and regulation.