Rules / Set-up

Founder and Members

Lisbet Matz, founder, founding member and chair

Rikke Jersoe, founding member

Dermot O’Brien, founding member

Daniel Lyons, founding member and financial officer


Not-for-profit organisation enabling mutual and reciprocal understanding of copyright as presented worldwide today.

Membership is free and open to all, pending upon approval by International Copyright. Any final decision to approve or exclude a member is made by Lisbet Matz, this decision may be delegated to others.


  1. The association entitled International Copyright , hereafter IC, aims to contain, collect and communicate information about copyright worldwide. It will be doing this through its website
  2. The purpose is to expand understanding of copyright nationally and internationally, and further to influence international copyright development.
  3. IC aims to align and bring all, especially digital, copyright closer to a uniform international understanding and use, to benefit content creators, users and producers alike.
  4. IC aims to increase awareness of the differences and consequences currently in existence in especially digital copyright by means of national regulation and jurisdiction, of which many users and creators are not aware.
  5. Members are those who wish to become members when registering on the website, pending approval.
  6. Lisbet Matz cannot be excluded from the IC.
  7. Initially an ‘Unincorporated Association’ as perceived by UK law and a ‘Frivillig Forening’ as perceived by Danish Law, the aims to evolve into a registrered entity, as registered ‘Frivillig Forening’ under Erhvervsstyrelsen in Denmark.